IBD Philosophy

IBD is much more than a writing service – we’re in the business to help you develop solutions for your organization. The company teams with clients to provide intelligent, compelling messaging, documents, and strategies.

IBD stands for integrity, brand, and development – our core values. These values drive our relationship with clients as we work to meet their goals and mission.

Integrity: Integrity, for us, represents realism and honesty in any given project. We always will give you our best recommendation even if it means fewer hours of billable services for us. We’re interested in your long-term success and seek internal integrity for your projects – a quality that allows your project to stand on its own conceptually and logically.

Branding: Your project is yours, not a derivative of some other client’s. While we use our experience to inform and shape your project, your project always remains distinctly yours. It will bear your original stamp and will have your approval.

Development: Our associates have experience working with nonprofits, business, and government agencies and can adjust our services to your particular needs. We can facilitate projects from scratch, provide reviews and analyses of existing projects and documents, or simply provide the final written product.

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