Business & Nonprofit Services

stock-photo-17448529-close-up-of-a-social-media-business-plan.jpg IBD provides several outsourcing solutions to  nonprofits and businesses. 

Our services for business and nonprofits are designed to help the organization grow in terms of market share and mission, especially when it is cost-prohibitive to bring marketing professionals or proposal writers in-house. We can save you money, time, and opportunity costs by completing important foundational work for your business or nonprofit.

Feasibility Analysis. IBD can conduct a full feasibility analysis for new business ventures or new products. For nonprofits, we can guide you in your fundraising capacity and planning before launching a campaign.

Business and Strategic Plans. Our associates have experience in developing business and strategic plans along with their associated financial strategies. Our president, a trained facilitator in Compression Planning through Storyboarding ®, can expedite these planning documents, saving you valuable time and money.

Marketing. IBD partners with several graphic designers to create powerful messaging through words and design. Our products include case studies, marketing collateral, and annual reports.

Proposal Development and Management. IBD can provide full-scale proposal development from inception and writing of the proposal to post-award administration. These turnkey services help staff of smaller-size organizations focus on their core work while exploring or advancing new interests of service or sales.

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